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Durango Children’s Chorale

The Durango Children's Chorale members are drawn from elementary and middle schools in our local community. Students range in age from 8 up to the point their voices change. Members are selected based on their interest in singing choral music. Auditions are conducted in late August and January of each year.

In addition to participating in concerts with our other choruses, the Children's Chorale periodically conducts community outreach programs for nursing homes, hospitals and local schools. The members of the Children's Chorale also participate in a two-day music camp conducted by a guest clinician.

Annual membership in the DCC is $150 per student (includes folders, music, a DCC T-shirt, water bottle and fall camp registration), plus a refundable $50 wardrobe and music deposit per family. Scholarships are available based on evaluation of individual circumstances.

For more information, please contact Children's Chorale Assistant Robin Randolph by e-mail or by phone at (970) 946-9459.

Rehearsal Tracks

CantateDomino.mp3 Listen

CantateDomino2.mp3 Listen

ChristmasInAboutThreeMinutes.mp3 Listen

ChristmasInAboutThreeMinutes2.mp3 Listen

CircleRoundTheMoon.mp3 Listen

CircleRoundTheMoon2.mp3 Listen

EnglishSongOfJoy.mp3 Listen

EnglishSongOfJoy2.mp3 Listen

FuniculiFunicula.mp3 Listen

FuniculiFunicula2.mp3 Listen

HarpsAndWheels.mp3 Listen

HarpsAndWheels2.mp3 Listen

HavaNaShira.mp3 Listen

HavaNaShira2.mp3 Listen

HavaNaShira3.mp3 Listen

JentendLeMoulin.mp3 Listen

JentendLeMoulin2.mp3 Listen

MaryHadABaby.mp3 Listen

MaryHadABaby2.mp3 Listen

OurGallantShip.mp3 Listen

OurGallantShip2.mp3 Listen

OurGallantShip3.mp3 Listen

OurGallantShip4.mp3 Listen

SeasonsOfLoveAlto.mp3 Listen

TheHollyAndTheIvy.mp3 Listen

TheRaggedyMan.mp3 Listen

Winds.mp3 Listen

Winds2.mp3 Listen


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